Guatemalan Style: Mother

Guatemalen mothersmallSuggested pairings: Gladiator sandals, black purse

This style combines the culture of Guatemala from both past and present. The woven textile of the jacket is quite traditional in terms of what clothing the women would make for their families. However, the pants show the industries that have arisen in Guatemala in more recent decades. The bright colors are also true to culture.

Guatemalan style is incredibly beautiful and colorful. Most of the clothing is woven and displays geometric patterns. Some clothing has consistent patterning throughout, but others tend to be many patterns sewn together. For women, shirts with skirts or dresses are more common. For men, a more colorful shirt is commonly paired with a bright pair of pants.

Clearly, their outfits are very vivid and eye catching. Some styles that I wish to incorporate include the colorful wraps and headdresses for the top of the head. Since I will be making both a mother and daughter outfit, I can experiment with many patterns and colors. Some of the most common patterns from my research include diamond shapes and stripes.

Unlike the Japanese styles, the Guatemalan fashion has remained fairly consistent through time. It is timeless, beautiful, and more often, hand-made. The clothing of the Guatemalan people is a large part of their culture and celebrates joy and life. For many holidays, the costumes are large and elaborate, but share the colors and patterns of normal days. As their culture becomes more modern, they have kept the patterns of the Mayans that they hold to be tradition, but they have them as perhaps less bold to fit in with the less colorful fashion world we are becoming today. The clothing is slowly becoming less traditional and more aligned with western ideas of fashion.

I have created my own version of these amazing pieces of art that are worn on a daily basis.

Guatemalan Fashion Designers/ Inspirations:

Eduardo Ortiz is a designer who does not feel the need to show his Guatemalan roots in his designs. He says they are not his style and he worries that many Guatemalans won’t accept them. His designs are much more sleek and less flashy than most Guatemalan fashions.
Eduardo Figueroa is a designer who is very happy to show off his Guatemalan heritage in his designs. His designs are mostly incredibly colorful and rich in culture. They have patterns of nature and Mayan traditional weavings.
Alida Boer was actually Miss Guatemalan in 2007. She loves her culture and wanted to show off the beauty of Guatemalan textiles and Mayan patterns. She did so by creating Maria’s bags. The bags are brilliantly colorful and vivid and show off the best of the Guatemalan culture. They are very popular worldwide.


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