Japanese Style: Mother

Independent Study Japan MothersmallSuggested pairings: Red heels, hair half back

This design combines the traditional kimono-style wrap that is seen on the shirt, and a new modern pencil skirt. The skirt compliments the Japanese cherry blossom that is depicted on the shirt, and the whole ensemble is brought together in a bright red bow.

The Japanese fashions have changed drastically in the past few decades.

As in other cultures, the fashion also varies greatly among social status as well as economic status.

Some of the largest changes in Japanese fashion come from the way hair and makeup are presented. For example, geishas are famous for their makeup and hair in a large up-do topped with a bun. In more recent years, white faces and shockingly red lips have faded into more natural looks.

Many are aware that historically, kimonos have been incredibly popular among Japanese women. The designs of kimonos may be simple and only one color, but the majority has breathtaking designs that mostly derive from nature. The patterns on kimonos could show flowers, fish, birds, trees, scenery, or numerous other things. They are generally made of either silk or cotton. When I begin my own designs, I have incorporated designs similar to kimonos in my design.

Another unique and well-known Japanese style that is more modern is called Harajuku. This style began in the Japanese neighborhood of Harajuku and is well known for being very vibrant and colorful. It includes colored hair, very bright clothing, and attempting to look somewhat cartoon-like. I have added a few Harajuku characteristics to my “Daughter” design as well.

Fashion Designers/ Inspirations:

Limi Feu is the daughter of a Japanese designer named Yohji Yamamoto, and she followed right in her father’s footsteps. Limi’s fashions are incredibly modern and sleek. Her main colors are black and white and patterns are not too common in her styles. Her clothing features unusual cut outs and shapes, but is always well received.
Nicola Formichetti is an Italian-Japanese designer whose styles are almost entirely black and white. They vary widely in pattern, material, and often seen as strange. He has designed for Lady Gaga and many other celebrities. His designs are very modern and exhibit little to no historical Japanese assets.
Hanae Mori is a fashion designer who learned from Coco Chanel herself. This being said, her designs are generally very colorful and filled with patterns. She was discovered by vogue when butterflies, very common for Mori’s fashions, captured their attention. Mori’s styles tend to combine modern and traditional fashions into beautiful pieces of art.


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