Spanish Style: Mother

indian styleSuggested pairings: Golden silk wrap, black heels, teal bracelet

The design pictured here was modeled with both traditional and new trends in Spanish fashion. As has been for many decades, gold and teal are very noticeable and give a sophisticated and regal look to the dress. The skirt is tiered and provides a nice compliment to the corset-like top. The corset was where I connected the past to the present. For many years, Spaniards dressed in large skirts and corsets that we tend to assume are completely English. This corset brings old ideas back in bold ways.

As expected, the history of Spanish fashion is most similar to the other Western European countries. The fashion of these countries is well known for the renaissance gowns and English queens who wore gowns that were very large and dramatic. The skin was mostly covered but the chest area was often much more open than the rest of the body. The hair was either very large and tall or long and down the back of maidens. This of course, varied with social class. I will find a way to incorporate these elaborate styles with muted gold and deep black patterns, however, I plan on making the design more like that of the famous flamenco dancers.

The flamenco dance itself originated in Andalucía, which is a region in Southern Spain. It is a major culture point of Spain and its history. The flamenco dancers are widely known as dancing passionately in their sleek black and red outfits. For the women, the dress clings onto the body until about the kneecap, at which point it flares out in a fiery mix of ruffles and lace.

The dresses are most often-colored red and black to emphasize the passion and intensity of the dancing. However, other colors are used as well. The women’s hair is most commonly up in a dark bun with a red accessory to tie the look together and show beauty.

The women may have a fan in her hand while she dances, which is another element I plan on incorporating in the beautiful ensemble.

Today, Spain’s everyday fashion closely resembles what Americans and other European countries wear. However, many Spanish stylists hold to the colors of black and red, which accentuate the dark tones of the Spanish women and heritage.

Famous Designers/ Inspirations:

Cristobal Balenciaga was a fashion designer who helped create the modernized fashions that are seen on runways today. They are irregularly shaped and are most often black, white, or red. The designs were revolutionary for their time and still influence the fashion world today.
Mariano Fortuny was a designer whose gowns are famous worldwide. They incorporate Spanish and Italian cultures. Most of his designs are full length gowns that are simple and one colored. Many have been used on runways and are highly popular even today.
Custo and David Dalmau use bold patterns and colors in a majority of their designs. Their clothing is modern but incorporates traditional Spanish techniques. These brothers have taken the fashion world by storm and continue to help inspire the fashion world with their unique thoughts.



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