French Style: Mother

french style- mothersmall.jpgSuggested pairings: Black boots, golden earrings

This outfit is majorly inspired by present fashion designers. Outfits of similar styles may be seen in fashion shows and are considered very high-end. While it is not pictured, the design of the back of the jacket is laced up in a fashion that resembles a corset, which is where we can quite literally tie the past to the present.

French fashion is known worldwide. Like Spain, historically it favored corsets and huge gowns with outrageous wigs that towered on the lady’s head. The colors were often either dark gold and muted or very bright and colorful. Actually, England’s women more often wore the darker colors, while the French women tended to favor the brighter gowns with pastels of yellow, pink, and blue. For example, Marie Antoinette wore huge gowns that showed her wealth and power back before her reign ended.

In present day, France is acknowledged as one of the most fashion forward countries on the planet. Famous brands and names such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermès are French and leaders in the fashion world of today. These brands specifically will be the fashions that I have tried to mimic with the outfits that I create.

According to Chanel, boxy flannel-like patterns are very fashionable for spring of 2016. Colors that are predicted to be popular include white, red, blue, black, and grey. Silver shoes were also incredibly popular on the runway. Hair is pulled back and hats or hair wraps are very common.

For fans of Hermès, black leather is a must for fall and winter fashions. Black on black is nothing to shy away from and sleek is absolutely needed. Rich colors like deep reds, dark blues, and black are most praised and the hair is very much tucked away and completely away from the face of the model. Of course, boots are enormously popular, but most often the boots on the models end right above the ankle.

Louis Vuitton has much to look forward to with its spring and summer collection for 2016. Colorful jackets pair with elegant skirts to create truly incredible and fun looks. Gladiator style skirts in black are very common and black is always a favorite. The majority of styles are black and white, but some show bright colors. The ones with the colors are my personal favorites, because they are more fun and relaxed than the rest.

Fashion Designers/ Inspiration:

Some may know Louis Vuitton first as a businessman, but many first recognize this name as one of France’s most successful fashion brands. Perhaps most famous for leather bags, this brand has become a worldwide company with high prices for the label of Louis Vuitton. This brand also sells all types of clothing and shoes worth admiration.
Marie-Jeanne Rose Bertin was a dressmaker for Marie Antoinette and revolutionized the fashion of the upper class previous to and following the French Revolution. Her fashions were grand and colorful in order to show the true wealth and beauty of the queen. She is a true symbol of fashion in the years before modern French styles.
Coco Chanel is perhaps one of the most famous fashion designers in history. Her clothing is often considered timeless and her designs are still being used today. She is quite a contrast to Bertin in that her designs are most often sleek and black. Her “little black dress” and suits for men are noted as some of fashion’s most timeless pieces.


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